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Who Can Play

A player can use any of our “Memory” activities on their own or with a loved one, caregiver, or one of our trained “Memory” activity hosts.*

Custom Session

The player opens one of our “Memory” activity apps and is asked to take a short recall quiz, the results of which set the initial difficulty level. As the player plays, the app automatically adjusts the difficulty based on how the player is doing. This way the player is able to enjoy the activities whether they’re having a higher- or lower-functioning day.

In addition, the player is asked to choose from three different themes: Nature, Space, or Cars. If a player picks the Space theme for example, the visual look and background music will be filled with planets and spaceships and ethereal sound.

Activities Begin

Each “Memory” activity app is centered around a main activity, such as “Match It!,” where the player matches pairs of items that are hidden behind something (a classic hidden-match activity). But, this main activity is broken up by two other activities: One is an intermediate-term recall activity that book-ends the playing session and the other is a long-term recall and conversation activity called “Think Back.”

Think Back moments are especially awesome when the player is with someone because they are specifically designed to encourage social interaction and spark conversation.

For Individuals

How a player living with dementia engages with one of our “Memory” activities on their own.

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With Someone

How a player can use one of our “Memory” activities with a loved one, caregiver, or a “Memory” activity host.*

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App Privacy Policy

*“Memory” activity hosts is a service that will be available when it’s safe to do so.

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