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When you're one of our beta testers, you're contributing to the continuous improvement of our apps. Better apps for people living with dementia: Sign me up!

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How it Works

Why Join our Beta Testing Program?

Every time you test a new version of one our apps, you’re providing valuable User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) feedback. This allows us to make better apps much faster, giving the folks with dementia who use them a better activity session experience.

How it works...

We currently only develop apps for Apple’s iOS, so you need to have an iPhone or an iPad (any screen size is fine).

When a new version of an app is ready, you’ll receive an email from Apple with an invitation to download this new version via their TestFlight beta testing app. It’s super simple and all the instructions are there in Apple’s email. You don’t need to beta test every version; it’s OK to skip testing sometimes.

You then install this new version onto your iPhone / iPad through Apple’s TestFlight app. Now you just explore the app and provide feedback on your experience.

All types of feedback are always welcome (unless otherwise noted in the “Testing for...” notes), including overarching impression of the app, UX and UI problems and suggestions for improvement (e.g., buttons are too small), bugs and crashes, etc. You can send your feedback to us either through the TestFlight app or you can email it to us directly.

Next Steps...

If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to help out, just fill out the short form above! We'll then be in touch when a testing request matches your situation. Thank you for helping us out!