Memory Spark

Early Release in Response to COVID-19

Numerous people living with dementia are - like so many of us - experiencing increased social isolation during this COVID-19 pandemic. We thought, therefore, that it was important to make Memory Spark available as soon as possible. Just click this button to download it from the App Store:

Download from the Appstore

Because we’ve decided to release Memory Spark much earlier than originally intended, we ask for your kindness and patience as we work hard to make improvements and get them to you as quickly as possible.

These improvements would be greatly enhanced with your feedback. We’d be immensely grateful if you took a few minutes to fill out a short survey. Just tap this button:

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Stay safe and take care,
The Team at Goose Hollow Studios

How Memory Spark Works

Who Can Play

A player can use Memory Spark on their own or with a loved one, caregiver, or a trained Memory Spark Activity host.

Custom Session

The player opens the Memory Spark app and is asked a series of simple questions designed to direct them to a theme they might enjoy and the appropriate difficulty level for that day.

Activities Begin

Memory Spark presents a series of memory-related activities. One of the activities is specifically designed to encourage social interaction between the player and a caregiver.

For Individuals

How a player living with dementia engages with Memory Spark on their own.

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Player using Memory Spark

With Someone

How a player can use Memory Spark with a loved one or caregiver.

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Player using Memory Spark with someone

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