Goose Hollow Studios

We jog memories,

spark conversation,

and create moments of joy

for people living with dementia.

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Memory Spark

Our Activities

We build iPad-based activities for people living with dementia. Our activities stimulate short- and long-term memory recall, and are designed to prompt conversation and social engagement with loved ones and caregivers.

Our flagship activity app is called MEMORY SPARK.

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How we work

How we work.

We are proud to function a little differently than most technology studios. Two things, in particular, make us stand out:

  • We co-design our activities, from the most basic prototype to the most recent release, with the seniors and caregivers that we are making them for, as well as with memory care professionals and experts.
  • We are structured as a worker-owned cooperative. Only workers can be owners, and the workers-owners collectively decide how the business will be run.

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